...is a Do It Yourself movie by ZAGE (Zombies Against the G-Eight). It was shot in one 5 hour run with a crappy digital camera, and roughly assembled in a long night spent crashing computer equipment, exploring the wild world of command-line video-editing under GNU/Linux, and being high on zapatista coffee.

Here it is, as a humorous contribution to the ongoing struggle against the G8, dedicated to those who tried to block it in Gleaneagles and elsewhere! Because "zombies suffer from a desperate need for flesh, as much as we suffer from a desperate need for money and belongings; capitalist societies turn us into zombies; don't let capitalism eat your brain, take action!"

Download the movie (v0.1)!
(AVI - video codec: XviD - audio codec: MP3)

In case you want to drop us a note, send us your own zombie flick, biker clip or rock'n'roll chip, you can reach us at zage at poivron dot org.

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